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Eduardo Manalo and INC vote is a failure

Manila, Philippines (May 2010) - If there's one character that Eduardo Manalo inherited from his father (Erano Manalo) that is being a reclusive leader of the political cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Eduardo Manalo is lucky enough to inherit the leadership and enormous riches of Iglesia Ni Cristo from his father who died last year 2009. The first political test that Eduardo Manalo faced during his reign as the INC head is choosing the presidential candidate that the INC cult wil be endorsing. Eduardo Manalo hides in their headquarters. The candidates are the one should visit the cult leader hoping for his blessing. Very unlikely to the Catholic church who does not endorse any particular candidate.

As his first test of choosing a political pet, Eduardo Manalo should not fail in picking a political loser as their bet. Some reporters have predicted that Manny Villar maybe the INC will be endorsing in the 2010 election basing on the frequent visits Villar did, days before the May 2010 election. While most of the political analysts were not surprised that Eduardo Manalo picked Noynoy Aquino, the constant survey leader. If you're a neophyte cult leader in politics who would you rely on? The candidate who is the constant survey leader.

Surprisingly, 57 district ministers from Visayas and Mindanao expressed their disagreement about Eduardo Manalo's decision to support Noynoy Aquino. I guess, the Luisita issue among the INC members decades ago maybe hard to be forgotten by some INC members. [Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Hacienda Luisita - CLICK HERE] Most INC leaders from Visayas and Mindanao opted to support Gibo Teodoro. Are we seeing a "crack" of loyalty among the INC ranks? Even the INC support to ALAGAD partylist is quite saddening even to their most loyal followers. ALAGAD partylist received one of the lowest votes among the church-endorsed partylists.

With the continued decreasing number of INC members, the leadership of Eduardo Manalo is in a serious cloud of doubt. Picking a sure winner in an election here in the Philippines may not even help in pacifying the restless INC members all over the Philippine Archipelago. Looking at the data we gathered from the COMELEC website, it appears that the INC votes (for ALAGAD) is decreasing at all fronts. If the INC religious doctrine of bloc-voting should display INC's unity, how come INC is showing us their indifference to each other by supporting different partylists aside from their own ALAGAD party list? How they would even dare to expel INC members who will not respect their cult leader's decision to support whom they want to endorse?

Not only did Eduardo Manalo failed in getting enough vote for ALAGAD among his cult members to show that INC is not divided, he also failed in helping Manila mayoralty candidate Atienza to win. Manila is a place which signifies a crucial statement for any group claiming to have millions of members. But even In Quezon City, ALAGAD partylist did not get the desired number of votes for a group who claims that they have millions of voters. Eduardo Manalo also failed in choosing the right Vice President to endorse. INC choose to endorse Mar Roxas but was beaten down by Jejomar Binay proving that INC is a failure in helping candidates to win. And their ALAGAD partylist is the clear case of example of Eduardo Manalo's failure in unifying the INC members doubting his leadership.

The geographic figures of the ALAGAD votes can show how weak the Iglesia Ni Cristo membership nowadays. Eduardo Manalo's responsibility to gain people's trust to Iglesia Ni Cristo is an uphill battle that will result to a futile effort. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is a well-known political hungry organization. The modern house of worships in the Philippines is a big slap in the face of millions of Filipinos living in poverty. Eduardo Manalo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo even buys expensive properties overseas.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Property in El Cajon California

Eduardo Manalo has a very big task waiting ahead of him.
That is to keep his members from leaving their cult group and
convincing the rest of the Filipino people that Iglesia Ni Cristo is not a cult.

Iglesia Ni Cristo - What does Catholics and Protestants say

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  1. An ice tea without an ice, this is the content of this blog.

    May the Lord God enlighten the mind of this author. If you say that we are decreasing in members, you must have valid proof to support your claim. Your statements are malignant and does not bear merit. You don't have the authority to say it unless you are just one of the hopeless detractors. If you are campaigning for any truth, tell the world of your cause by giving sufficient basis to your claims no matter what it is. But if you cannot do the former you better silent and pray that God will lead you into the right path.

    INC teachings rely on biblical truth and not through politics. That is why we are pretty sure that we can attain success in all of our religious cause. To the contrary we see our church leaders to merely to oversee us and lead us to the right way. But we cannot attain this success by mere strength of our beloved leader alone but mostly with the help of our Almighty GOD.

    God Bless you and your family always.